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About Author

- JM Voors, Author -

I have worked many different jobs in my lifetime. Most of my adult life has been in entertainment, in one form or another. Starting in my 20s, I enjoyed 18 years as a professional dancer, specializing in partner work (you know, dancing with a girl doing lifts and complicated movement). During those 18 years, I lived in Spain, Italy and Japan, and visited many other countries around the world. Once I retired from performing, I found work with Dreamworks Animation, Warner Brothers and NBC Universal, who I was with for 17 years. During this time in my life, I got married and we had two children. When the children were small, we had breakfast together every morning. My daughter was in kindergarten and my son was about pre-school age. There was little excitement at breakfast for the coming day. I couldn’t really blame them. When I was their age, I didn’t care for school much either. I decided to liven things up by playing a game at breakfast. Each day they would take turns giving me the name of a person, place, or thing and I would tell them a story about it. Breakfast became much more fun and they started their day off with a smile or a laugh. Not every day was a winner, but enough were. In fact, the morning breakfast table was where the story of The Restless Rock was born. Here I am many years later an author with a great love and appreciation for children.

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