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Fun & Witty Rhymes by JM Voors

Featured Rhyme of the Month
By JM Voors

There once was a knight
Sir Ian by name
Who knew how to fight
Was no stranger to fame

He was gallant and brave
He'd bested the best
The girls all loved lan
He completed evey quest

When the castle was quiet
And all were asleep
He would light a candle
Down the stairs he'd creep


You see Ian had a secret
He kept inside his heart
Late at night he'd sneak away
Late at night he would start

Down to the kitchen he'd go
And open his secret book
Silently mixing and stirring
You see lan loved to cook

Ian could cook anything
Soups or bread, vegetable and meat,
Making pastries for the children
Was a favorite treat


Ian always new when
It was time to go
The sky would lighten
And the cock would crow

Sneaking back to his room
He hid his recipe book
From the kitchen were cheers
For the mysterious cook

Ian fell asleep with a smile
At the good he had done
And knowing that he had
Saved himself a cinnamon bun

copywright 2023

JM Voors and Deborah Paswaters

All rights reserved

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